Did you always believe the Tin Man from Oz and the Goldfinger gal died from the chemicals in the paint?


I always believed the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz died from the chemicals in the silver spray on his skin. And I thought it was the second Tin Man who had died for the long use of having it put on every day. Much to my surprise it was the first Tin Man, Buddy Edsen, who had gotten critically ill when the aluminum dust on him coated his lungs after 9 days of breathing it and put him in critical condition. He ended up recovering and lived till he was 95. http://www.snopes.com/movies/films/ozebsen.asp 

The second Tin Man played by Jack Haley died at 80. The studio changed the aluminum dust to a paste so Jack wouldn’t have the same reaction and other than being uncomfortable about sitting for hours to put on his costume he was fine.

Now on to the Goldfinger gal. It was said the actress who played Jill Masterson died from asphyxiation after being covered in gold paint because they didn’t let her skin breathe. There were actually two drs at the filming who made sure there was a 6 inch patch of skin in case there were some effects although they are saying not that could can’t die from being completely covered in paint.

“Although it was still widely believed at the time Goldfinger was made that we breathe through our skin and that closing off all the pores in one’s body would result in a quick death, we now know this to be false. As long as a person can breathe through his mouth and nose he will not die of asphyxiation, no matter how much of his body is covered with paint.”   I guess she had to “Die Another Day.” The actress, Shirley Eaton, is still alive to this day at 71 years of age. That is proof enough…


Interesting find


~ by mrsgijoe on November 4, 2008.

One Response to “Did you always believe the Tin Man from Oz and the Goldfinger gal died from the chemicals in the paint?”

  1. I had heard those stories abut the tin man and the Bond girl. Go firgure that they were just that non true stories

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